Plumbing Installations

Plumb-A-Lot Provide A Complete Range Of Plumbing Installations For Residential & Commercial

Welcome to the Plumbing Installations information and service page. With today’s modern plumbing technology, There are so many reasons to have new Taps. Shower heads, and toilets installed at your home or office. Plumb A Lot Plumbing provides expert Plumbing Installations for homes and businesses. Need a plumbing fixture installed? We’re here to help! No plumbing installation is too big or too small for us to handle. There is nothing we have not seen before. And no plumbing installation is too difficult for us.

Plumb A Lot Plumbers provide household plumbing installations. As well as commercial plumbing installations. This includes installing Toilets. Sinks, taps, basins, electric geysers, water heating systems, and tons more. We can help you save money. And convert your home or business’s plumbing into a money-saving system.

Toilet Installation

Installing Toilets

Did you know? It’s estimated that the majority of water consumption comes from a regular household. What comes from the toilet? For this reason, having a water-conserving Toilet Installed in your home is a must. Or business would be ideal.

With the advancements in plumbing, there are many Alternative Toilets. And flushing systems you could have installed, like low-flow toilets. Or dual flush toilets.

Many toilet manufacturers are now providing improved toilet comfort. Porcelain toilets are now available with features like automatic flushing. heated seats, automatic seats, and lids. as well as spa-like functions.


Installing Sinks

Thanks to the advancements in plumbing. There is a much larger variety of home plumbing fixtures. Like sinks and taps to choose from. Manufacturers are making taps that are more water-efficient. and functional in design.

Features like aerators help in conserving water by mixing water. with air to reduce the amount of water required to maintain water pressure. This leaves you with a much cheaper water bill at the end of the month.

Quality plumbing is important for any home or business to function. That’s why it’s so important that you use a professional plumbing contractor. For safe and professional plumbing installations in Benoni. We do not charge a call-out fee. And we provide warranties on all parts, fixtures, fittings, and workmanship we provide.

Plumbing and Installation Warranties

All our Plumbing Installations¬† come with a three month warranty. When it comes to plumbing fittings, parts and fixtures. For a specific period, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty. which depends on the part, fixture, or fitting used. This means that in the event that something goes wrong in that period of time, We will come out and fix it at no extra cost to you.