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Electric Geysers

When a Water Heater bursts, you will need to replace your Electric Geyser completely. Plumb A Lot is a Plumbing Company that supplies and installs affordable geysers. Should your Electric Geyser Burst, you will need an experienced 24 Hour Emergency Plumber. So call in the Burst Water Heater experts. Precautions for a Burst Electric Geyser include protecting the valve. You can fit a drip tray underneath your Geyser and insulate your ceiling. Should your geyser there will be allot of water coming from the ceiling. That’s why it’s important to switch off your Electric Geyser and also turn off your water by the mains.

Common Signs Your Electric geyser Needs Replacement

  • Water Thats Not Heating.
  • Scalding Hot Water.
  • Dirty Or Brownish Water.
  • Water Collects On Top Or Underneath The Tank.
  • Corrosion Or Rust In The Water Heater.
  • Rotten Eggs Odor From The Water.
  • Geyser Makes A High-Pitched Whining Sound.
  • Green Buildup That Looks Like Mould.
  • A Water Heater That’s More Than 10 Years Old.

Has your Electric Geyser Burst? Is your hot water not constant enough? Or do you have no hot water? Whatever the problem you have with your Hot Water Heater? Plumb A Lot Plumbing delivers the best. most cost-effective Electric Geyser Repairs for any type or size Electric Geyser. Hot Water Systems  are a very important plumbing fixture for any home or business. We rely on the hot water from them for our showers. Baths. washing and many other activities. Most of the time, many of us don’t even take note that there is a water heater until something goes wrong.

Average Lifespan Of A Electric Geyser

On average, a good hot water heater should last you anywhere between 10 and 12 years. So if your water heater is almost at that end of its life or way past it. Then you need to consider having a Replacement Water Heater installed. The most common and obvious sign that your water heater needs attention is. When is it’s not producing enough hot water. Or not producing hot water at all. A Leaking Electric Geyser is also another telltale sign that it’s in need of repairs. With Electric Geysers, most often the thermostat or heating element is the cause for the lack of hot water. Other times, it can be the structural integrity of the actual tank.

Electric Geyser Repairs

Here at Plumb A Lot Plumbing, we specialise in Water Heater Repairs. We repair all kinds of geysers. No matter if you have an Electric Geyser or a Gas geyser. Whether it’s Tankless or Conventional. A heat pump or Solar Powered. Plumb A Lot will fix it or replace it quickly and professionally for an affordable price you won’t get anywhere else.